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A Perfect Server

Although my Linux Server (, and other 11 domains) is sitting by the balcony and the case is open, the hard disk is so hot that can be used to prepare teppan-yaki. As Tokyo's summer is just around the corner and I'll have to endure it with no air-con in order to save money and energy, I decided to set up two spare Internet servers so that in case of failure of the server that dutifully is serving so many users, I'll just replace it.

It has taken me two days and part of the nights to figure out how to implement the Frontpage extensions on a Centos server but now everything is in place and I can easily go through the process. I'd like to make an offer to those interested. You can have an Internet server that can be updated easily and quickly, just as an extension of your desktop. I admit that I've been always prone to excess but take a look at my Salamanca's web page (; over 2,600 high-resolution images (1280x1024 pixels) in only one file, possibly the most extensive in the whole Internet. Where is the Guinness?

No more time-consuming tasks nor being subjected to censorship or moderation. All the hardware you need is an inexpensive PC, which I can buy in Akihabara, a domain name, and one IPv4 address. I 'll also setup the mail server with Postfix and Dovecot. Contact me at, or call me on the phone at 044-853-1548, 090-6504-7221 if interested.



Ni quito ni pongo ...

A telecom engineer at NEC where I worked for 11 years until 2005, and acquired knowledge of transmission technologies (densou) such as SDH, DWDM, NMS; and GSM/GPRS, WAP, 3G mobile terminals & network

Cervantes Gakuin


044 853 1548; 090 6504 7221

mailto: This site & the 5 subsites are copyright of José Arturo Pérez Sánchez

Manual de japonés

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Kanji for common use

cervantesgakuin.pdf (ちらし; leaflet; folleto)

Since brands, businesses, individuals are currently relying so much on a closed Internet (Facebook, など, etc.), DarwinDomain was created to help them regain freedom

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From the Banks of Tamagawa River (12/1991) by Mary Lou Rebelo [...] Another popular BBS is POLYGLOT (03-464-0537), run by a Spaniard, born and raised in Salamanca and transplanted to Tokyo, where he teaches Spanish and earns his living as a translator. POLYGLOT specializes in discussing words, expressions and translation related topics. Though only few Japanese login there their contributions often are the highlights of the ongoing discussions. POLYGLOT has international access using KDD-Venus P and occasionally receives "visits" of people signing from abroad. [...]



Estudio de español




Japanese & English study

The West’s intellectual-property system is a mess, for it grants too many patents of dubious merit. Patent Trolls

A ojo de buen cubero (At a guess)

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Cocina argentina

Commission Offered I will pay a 30% commission to a domain broker (individual or company) for brokering a sale of any of the 12 domains listed here.


Your early memories of the net Forty year later, BBC News website readers have been sending their memories of their first encounters with the web.
Your early memories of the net
29 October 2009 [...] My first memories go back to circa 1988 when I started to run a BBS called Polyglot, located in my office in Shibuya, Tokyo. It was named Polyglot because it catered for people involved in translation and interpretation; and computer "otaku" as well. After a parenthesis of 20 years I'm back in the internet to celebrate its 40 years with a brand-new domain housed in an Y3980 PC running Apache 2.0.46 on Linux. Viva internet! J Arturo Perez, Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan [...] 2009/11/15 

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Ejemplares de prensa más antiguos

Significantive Locations in The World 12/3/2011

スロ.com slot.
katakana LO, RO
(くち) mouth, opening

Sólo se anima ante el azar prohibido,/ sobre el verde tapete reclinado  No need to reinvent the!

Universo lorquiano

Verde que te quiero verde.
Verde viento. Verdes ramas.
El barco sobre la mar
y el caballo en la montaña…

Romance Sonámbulo

Green, how I want you green.
Green wind. Green branches.
The ship out on the sea
and the horse on the mountain…

Ballad of the Sleepwalker

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会.com R. de la Plata. ¡Ojalá! Ah malhaya la noche traiga recuerdos,/ que hagan menos pesada la soledad./ Como sombra en la sombra, por esos cerros,/ el arriero va, el arriero va...
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endogamics  RAKUNE.COM

 Kanji of 2010  pleads for right order. Vengo de moler morena..

 AVISO de Cervantes Gakuin a Google AdSense!

I take virtual possession of
魚釣島 Fishing Island
73 Abe Government's Kanji
1458 漢字from Prime Minister NODA'S BLOG

Cuando la tarde languidece renacen las sombras,
y la quietud los cafetales vuelven a sentir.
Es la triste canción de amor de la vieja molienda
que en el letargo de la noche parece decir

Una pena de amor, una tristeza,
lleva el zambo Manuel en su amargura,
pasa incansable la noche moliendo café...

Saldeana since Aug 1998.'s translation services


I (J. Arturo Pérez) have translated thousands of technical pages from English to Spanish and vice versa. Translation fee is 14-yen a word. I can deliver the layout of the original at the above cost if requested.

私は(ペレズーさん)技術的なページ英語 - スペイン語、スペイン語 - 英語、数千を翻訳した。翻訳料は14円単語です

LO POCO GUSTA Y LO MUCHO ENFADA nos decía mi abuelo cuando nos pasábamos del límite. Si Google Chrome sigue mostrando machaconamente anuncios sobre relaciones amorosas, inhabilitaré los dos espacios publicitarios de esta página.


   This year’s annual list of the best places to visit in Japan Marujeando - Gerundio del verbo marujear is a great name! Memorable, Significantive, easy to input. Has a long (& somehow troubled) history. It was registered back in Jan 1999 and owned by l'Aluminerie de Bécancour (then Alcoa Canada) with more than 1000 employees. It probably meant l' abi (name of the family) net before I rebaptized it to mean Inet  Lab.

transmission technologies


  サムライブルー.com  Long Routes A la verde oliva

常用漢字.com  中国銀行.com
English as a lingua franca (ELF)

lefranç d'antan! Mais où sont les neiges d'antan?

Desde noviembre de 1951

Mi granito de arena on who OWNS THE INTERNET --> AMAZOWNS.COM

An idle brain is the devil's shop.
El diablo tienta al alma desocupada.

The Duchess of Cornwall has called for a name for English sparkling wine. I give Camilla a generic term for all English wines - sparkling included: since 1999
The Site where (almost) all bots, telecos, ISPs, hosting companies, etc. wish to be listed (several millions of packets cross this site's wire every single day.) It lists where leading internet companies are located. Spanish version of Amazon from a-mazos, "without breast", because the Amazons, who were a nation of all-female warriors, had their right breast removed so they could use a bow with no impediment.

Toata dragostea mea pentru diavola All my love to the she-devil
去る者日日に疎し【さるものひびにうとし 】
Out of sight, out of mind
Ojos que no ven, coraz
ón que no siente.

Birds of a feather flock together.
Dios los cría y ellos se juntan.

Make haste slowly.
Vísteme despacio que tengo prisa.

El Verbo Español (tiempo y *aspecto)


Probablemente llega.
Probablemente llegará.
Probablemente llegue.


he cantado
habré cantado
haya cantado

Probablemente ha llegado.
Probablemente habrá llegado.
Probablemente haya llegado.


canté; cantaba


Probablemente llegó (llegaba)
Probablemente llegaría.
Probablemente llegara-se


había cantado
habría cantado
hubiera-se cantado

Probablemente había llegado.
Probablemente habría llegado.
Probablemente hubiera-se llegado.


lefranç Je ni j'enlève ni je mets roi, mais j'aide à mon seigneur Le roi Arthur...


The piece of research by Leah McGrath Goodman  It took me merely two hours of linguistic analysis from my 'futon' to know who the chief name behind of BITCOIN is. 
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Neverending Monogatari

Eureka!  The BBC, the Economist, GQ, all media outlets have found him. This time the man behind Nakamoto Satoshi is the Aussie Craig Wright. Stop beating around the bush and ask . He has known for many moons (and others) who is the creator of the Bitcoin virtual currency.

Japanese handbook

Polyglot has been reincarnated

King Charles V: I speak Spanish to God, Italian to women, French to men, and German to my horse.
Hablo español con Dios, italiano a las mujeres, francés con los hombres, y alemán a mi caballo.

KingArt: Hablo español con alumnos, japonés a las japonesas, inglés francamente, y francés raramente.
I speak Spanish to my students, Japanese to Japanese women, English frankly, and French rarely

(Ya os explicaré la diferencia que hay entre estar jodiendo y estar jodido en algunas lenguas que chapurreo).
Prensa histórica sobre Japón

8248 Japan Train Stations  Station Name Kanji by frequency Frequent Japanese Words 5282 Ways
Prime Minister NODA's kanji Den ' chosen as the kanji best representing 2012 by 'g' Arthur & his Damsels.  

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Killing two birds with one stone.

Matar dos pájaros de una pedrada.


Walls have ears.
Las paredes oyen.

時は金也 【ときはかねなり】
Time is money.
El tiempo es oro.

Si algún medio (EL PAÍS, EL MUNDO, etc.) tiene interés en que sus lectores sepan quién es el creador de BITCOIN puedo escribir un artículo en exclusiva sobre su identidad. mailto:
EXCLUSIVE OFFER If requested by a media outlet I can write an article on who the creator of Bitcoin is.
Estar a tres dobles y un repique y Vitigudino
<-- Salamanca  (y municipios, arte, y bellas fotos) 今日の写真

Pour yourself a drink, sit back, stretch your legs, and enjoy the beauty of Salamanca! Sorry if you feel dizzy at times. (This file has grown so huge that it's a perfect benchmark for power internauts and developers; Google Chrome on a Windows XP with 3.24 GB of RAM will definitely crash in trying to display it in my PCs; Firefox and Opera will display it. I haven't tested  Windows 7, 10, Mac, or Linux, Unix. Either way, get ready for a visual experience that may be unique in the Internet. )

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